Chat with the Boss

Chat with the Boss

Chat with the Boss, or also known as CWTB is an online melting pot for young professionals around the world. They were created in February 2029, when the pandemic broke out. They wishes to be one way to equip young professionals while staying at home,

The concept behind the branding itself is taking the literal name and meaning of the brand, which reflects their vision, where the webinar participants could talk casually over a cup of tea in Sunday afternoon, with the Bosses from various industries in Indonesia, Singapore, and Melbourne.

Some notable speaker they have invited was, Harmoni Ezra, Stephen Wongso, Johny Kandano, Ari Pandjaitan, Antonius Tanan, Haryanto Kandani, Andy Zain, Wulan Tilaar, Suwandi Widjaja, Gaery Undarsa, Jourdan Kamal, Frenky Susilo, Grace Natalie, Boyke Gozali Harris Gozali, and Gita Sjahrir.

We are so thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with the entire CWTB Team, and it was such a wonderful experience.

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