Lentera Generasi Bangsa (LENSA)

Lentera Generasi Bangsa (LENSA)

STUDIO DAMARA believes, “we are blessed to bless”. That is why we have been helping Lentera Generasi Bangsa, or often called LENSA, a Jakarta based young community that envision transformation in Indonesia’s equality in our education system. LENSA was founded on 2017 by Stefani Tan and Johan Wijaya. They equip children with education in hope to be able to change their life, their family, a community, and ultimately, our country, Indonesia. For three times in a week, we have been gathering in Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak – also called RPTRA, an integrated child-friendly public space in all over Jakarta, to do our programs. We do this by onestep at a time, but one step every time.

Though LENSA are based in Jakarta, STUDIO DAMARA wishes to support their vision in some way we can remotely. Thus, we are contributing through their social media and created their brand book and their company profile.

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