Saya Peduli (2019)


Saya Peduli (2019)

The name sayapeduli means ‘I Care’. With choosing this name, we wanted to create a sense of participation and belonging for the investor, director, and volunteer in sayapeduli to reach out to patients who have limited health access through this foundation. With the usage of this new name, we also hope to raise more awareness and spirit for Indonesian to be part of this foundation. We are hoping to be more inclusive.

More than just another logo, sayapeduli is a movement. ‘Change starts with me. I can make a change.’ This is the motto we want to focus on our logo. sayapeduli is a statement for every individual who is part of this foundation. With this new name, we also want everyone to be proud of being part of this movement of change, to make better Indonesia.

The icon mark is adapted from a tradition that is very close to Indonesian, which is mengacungkan jari, or simply ‘raising a hand’. This means we are taking that action to start the change, starting from myself. And then we adapted it with modern and minimalist style to match the logo type style.

This brand concept is a rebranding competition submission from, which unfortunately we did not win, but we are very proud of our submission, thus we decided to put this in our portfolio.

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