manis ae


manis ae

manis ae is a cafe located in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. We got its name from our client, who really loves sweets and desserts. ‘Manis’ directly translates to ‘sweets’ in English, and ‘ae’ is a Surabaya language pun to sign an invitation, and also it was an abbreviation of the two owners initials, who was Aline and Evelyne.

The concept of the cafe is more of a coffee shop and co-working space, thus we want to create a logo which represents its service. The logo here itself is made out of geometric shapes, to indicate that this is a comfortable space, and we mixed in creative elements, because their target market was young creativepreneurs and professionals, who seeks comfort space in between their hectic days, or simply looking a space where they can be very productive.

We are very proud of this project because the logo we created was a true reflection of the brand, and managed to fit all the elements that shapes the vision of the brand.

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