Stories of ANSA

Stories of ANSA

In this project, Studio Damara is responsible for creating the brand from scratch, starting from the company naming and concept to the final visual touch, such as packaging design. The name was taken from a corresponding Italian word, ANSA – which means the curve of the river. Taking in the literal meaning of the word, we hope that our client’s brand could represent all kinds of the beauty of women that might be curved differently, due to preference and culture, but ANSA would like to remind everyone, that they are created beautifully unique.

The curve might look different, but every river contains water that could provide life. The same goes for ANSA Women. And that is the message ANSA as a clothing brand would live to deliver.

Corresponding to the brand philosophy, we also developed a unique sizing guide for the brand. Instead of using a normal sizing chart of Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large, we want ANSA Women to focus less on their label, but just simply be – with our unique sizing guide, which was derived from the various translations of ANSA, or river, which are Sungai (Indonesian), River (English), Kawa (Japanese), and lastly, Fiume (Italian).

Overall, we are so proud of this branding project because we believe ANSA would transform the world of fashion through its values, and we are so happy to be a part of it.

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