Jon’s Cafe and Coffee

Jon’s Cafe and Coffee

Jon’s Cafe and Coffee has been entrusting their visual needs to Studio Damara ever since they are first established in 2015. In 2021, Jon’s Cafe and Coffee decided to establish their second branch. Again, Studio Damara was entrusted with their visual needs. Since they are decided to rebrand the logo, Studio Damara is responsible for its rebranding logo and concept creation, to its campaign launching.

Our team has so much fun in brainstorming and creating the process of the campaign for the rebranding, and decided to go an extra mile in the concepting.

Beyond just a beautiful logo, in the new Jon’s Cafe logo we wanted to deliver a new message to their customers. The reason why there are two faces in the logo will be unfolded in the brand message, as well.

jon's branding.jpg
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