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Soraya Modest

Soraya means beautiful, princess, and the constellation of stars. All together, we created a brand story to cater those meaning as it was the brand vision as well, to bring lights for Muslim ladies in Indonesia through the brand. Soraya is part of The Trijaya Group, and also a sister brand of Ayaco. For the visual direction itself, we created a luxurious and classy image which exudes soft and gentleness – while maintaining consistency and similarity to its sister and mother brand, Ayaco and The Trijaya Group, respectively.

For the brand mark, we have decided to create a couple of icon to represent the gentleness of a princess, and bright and vibrant light of the stars, that could be used as a separate identifiable mark for the brand.

This was one of our most challenging project in 2021, because we had to create such a refined icon for the brand to depict the ‘princess’ image behind the brand name, thus we come up with an icon of a Lady wearing a hijab, that is shining within.

As big as the project’s challenge was, we also had as much fun trying to break free of the status quo on Muslim Clothing line brand. One of the most memorable project, indeed!

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